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Functional English WORK SHEET 4.4

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.4
Change the following affirmative sentences into negative sentences without changing their meaning:
a. Man is mortal.
b. He is honest.
c. I shall never forget you.
d. No one can escape death.
e. Brutus loved Caesar.
f. Where there is fire, there is smoke.
g. Everybody distrusts a liar.
h. He is as good as I am.
i. He is the best student.
j. As soon as the teacher arrived, the noise ceased.
k. None but the brave deserves the fair.
l. He is too weak to walk.
m. All the students liked the program.
n. Chennai is hotter than Mumbai.
o. The scorpion is shyer than other wall inhabitants.
p. The farmer was too weak to walk.
q. He is always on time.
r. James runs faster than Peter.
s. The water is too cold for me to drink.
t. James can write faster than me.
u. Everyone found the play interesting.
v. This medicine is cheap.
w. Iron is a heavy metal.
x. Rahul is the tallest boy in the class.
y. You are forbidden from entering my home.
z. You have failed to pay your fee.
aa. He was denied admission.
bb. She was prevented from entering the house.
cc. We must refrain from making insensitive remarks.
dd. There are few apples on the tree.
ee. She has few friends.
ff. He tried all plans.
gg. Clearly, the only way was to swim.
hh. His tender mind failed to speculate on his father's delay.
ii. I am unable to attend their needs.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.3

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.3
Find out the common mistakes in the following sentences:
a. I have been ill from Friday last.
b. I cannot agree for this proposal.
c. I prefer tea than coffee.
d. He was sitting besides Rita.
e. He hit the dog by a stick.
f. His books have been translated in French.
g. You must reply his letter.
h. He died with fever.
i. Ramesh is senior than Sandhu.
j. I heard this news in the radio.
k. He was accused for theft.
l. He got down the train.
m. I saw three females.
n. Supposing if he doesn’t come, what shall we do?
o. This building is too beautiful.
p. My all children are in the United States.
q. Shakespeare is greater than any poet.
r. One should always do her duty.
s. My T.V. set is as good as my friend.
t. She not only lost her mother but also her father.
u. It is you who is responsible for this blunder.
v. Separation is a saddest thing.
w. This is only correct method.
x. Tiger in that cage is really dangerous.
y. Sky is blue.
z. I am going to the Delhi.
aa. He is Kalidas of India.
bb. He takes the coffee.
cc. Neither a car nor a bus go to that village.
dd. Ram as well as his brother were present there.
ee. Ramesh or his brothers is going to attend the function.
ff. Everybody agree with him.
gg. The number of cars in every town are growing.
hh. Politics are a social science.
ii. There are lots of fun in dancing.

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.2

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.2
Find out the common mistakes in the following sentences:
a. I am hearing that Sheetal is going abroad.
b. He is having a large family.
c. I have met him yesterday.
d. My son just got up.
e. He is working as a teacher since 1981.
f. I shall be angry if you will disobey me.
g. I shall send you a message if he will be selected for this profile.
h. I would accept the job if I am you.
i. Q. “How do you do?” Ans. “Thank you, very well.”
j. He told to me to come a little early.
k. We enjoyed at the theatre.
l.  Ramesh called him as a fool.
m. I made him to do that work.
n. The river has overflown its banks.
o. We have already discussed about the problem.
p. I have ordered for twenty copies.
q. We entered into the library.
r. He is awaiting for Ramesh
s. I am considering to buy a T.V. set.
t. The Police has arrested him.
u. He is suffering with fever.
v. He is angry upon me.
w. No news are good news now-a-days.
x. His furnitures need polish.
y. His poetries are excellent.
z. The gold is a precious metal.
aa. We usually have the dinner at nine.
bb. Can you speak the English?
cc. He does not go to the school regularly.
dd. He has two mother-in-laws.
ee. I bought two dozens bananas.
ff. He gave me two hundreds rupees.
gg. He started to Sri Lanka yesterday.
hh. He is not eligible to this post.
ii. He is good in painting.

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.1

Functional English WORK SHEET 4.1

Find out the common mistakes in the following sentences:
a. U.S.A. is a part of the American continent.
b. If he will come, I shall go.
c. If it will start raining, we shall get wait.
d. Most probably, he must have gone to the concert.
e. Possibly he must have gone to the show.
f. He is senior than me.
g. It is much kind of you.
h. It is such a story that would keep the reader spellbound. 
i. Though you will not like it but circumstances compel me to speak out.
j. He cut his finger by a razor blade.
k. An idea came in my mind.
l. He moves in rich people.
m. He reached safely in Delhi.
n. He was shouting on the top of his voice.
o. He was going on a hill.
p. He became glad.
q. We were discussing about the communal riots.
r. We went to watch the movie and enjoyed very much.
s. He gave a good speech on the occasion.
t. He went to somewhere.
u. They informed to the officer about the incident.
v. Ram married with Sita.
w. I love listening music.
x. These shirts are more cheaper than the other ones.
y. I am afraid to the dark.
z. I’m not very good for cooking.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Functional English WORK SHEET 3.9

Functional English WORK SHEET 3.9
(A) Fill in the correct article (A , AN or THE) where necessary __ or leave blank:
1. _______ moon goes round _______ earth every 27 days.
2. The Soviet Union was _______ first country to send a man into _____ space.
3. Did you see the film on _______ television or at _______ cinema?
4. I'm not very hungry, I had _______ big breakfast.
5. I never listen to _____. radio. In fact, I haven't got _______ radio.
6. What is _______ highest mountain in _______ world?
7. It was a long voyage. We were at _______ sea for four weeks.
8. Look at _______ apples on that tree. They're very large.
9. _______ women are often better teachers than _______ men.
10. In Britain _______ coffee is more expensive than _______ tea.
11. We had a very nice meal. _______ cheese was especially good.
12. They got married but _______ marriage wasn't very successful.
13. I know someone who wrote a book about _______ life of Gandhi.
14. _______ life would be very difficult without _______ electricity.
15. _______ Second World War ended in 1945.
16. Do you know _______ people who live next door?
17. Are you interested in _______ art or _______ architecture?
18. Don't stay in that hotel. _______ beds are very uncomfortable.
19. I hate _______ violence.
20. John himself doesn't go to _______ church.
21. After _______ work Ann usually goes home.
22. When Ann was ill, we went to _______ hospital to visit her.
23. _______ British Prime Minister lives in _______ Downing Street 10.
24. _______ Tate Gallery is the main modern art museum in London.
25. Have you ever visited _______ Tower of London?
26. Do you know _______ time? Yes, _______ clock in _______ hall has just struck nine.
27. I am on _______ night duty. When you go to _______ bed, I go to _______ work.
28. There will always be a conflict between _______ old and _______ young. _______ young people want _______ change but old people want _______ things to stay _______ same.
29. In the past _______ most young boys became a farmer or got another job in their village.
30. _______ city life is very noisy, hectic and dirty.
31. The waste gases of cars and factories are the primary reasons for _______ air pollution.
32. People only have parks, where they can enjoy _______ nature.
33. At the beginning I spoke about _______ tourism in _______ towns.
34. It's right that there aren't so many ways of spending _______ daily life in _______ suburbs.
35. But is it still true that the countryside is praised to be _______ best place for living.
36. But when you live in _______ solitude you are not always happy.
(B) Please complete the following exercise using a/an/the/0 (no article) in the underlined spaces where appropriate. Change capital letters to lower case letters at the beginning of a sentence if necessary.

Ms Parrot, (1) ___ most famous lady detective of (2) ___ twenty-first century, was born in (3) ___ United Kingdom in (4) ___ 1960s. Since then, she has been to many countries, including (5) ___ Portugal, Singapore and Australia, and has lived in (6) ___ northern hemisphere and (7) ___ southern hemisphere, as well as on (8) ___ equator. She has never been to (9) ___ Philippines or (10) ___ United States, but she speaks (11) English, French and Portuguese. Like Sherlock Holmes, (12) ___ famous detective, she plays (13) ___ violin, and sometimes practices up to five times (14) ___ day. She is also (15) ___ only person in (16) ___ world to have performed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture [a long piece of music] in one breath on (17) ___ recorder.

She has been (18) ___ detective for thirty years and claims that although many people think that being (19) ___ detective is (20) ___ piece of cake, detectives generally work very hard and it’s not all fun and games. (21) ___ detective is someone who solves mysteries, and (22) ___ people who contact Ms Parrot have some very unusual problems. Little information is available about some of (23) ___ cases she has solved, but quite (24) ___ few of her most famous cases have attracted worldwide attention and she has been offered up to (25) ___ thousand dollars (26) ___ hour to help solve mysteries such as (27) ___ case of (28) ___ Australian owl in (29) ___ uniform. (30) ___ bird laid (31) ___ egg in (32) ___ European nest in less than (33) ___ hour after its arrival. What (34) ___ strange problem!

With great (35) ___ modesty, she has either declined such (36) ___ fee or donated (37) ___ money to (38) ___ poor, or to (39) ___ Grammar Survival Fund, believing that (40) ___ detective should use their skills for (41) ___ common good. 

(C) Please complete the following exercise using a/an/the/0 (no article) in the underlined spaces where appropriate. (Some articles have been included for you, but others are missing.) Change capital letters to lower case letters at the beginning of a sentence if necessary.

There has never been (1) ___ more exciting time to produce (2) ___ new dictionary. Everything is changing and expanding: the English language itself, the technology that helps us to describe it, and (3) ___ needs and goals of those learning and teaching (4) ___ English. (5) ___ 1980s saw the development of (6) ___ first large corpora (special collections) of English text.
(7) ___ Another of the Macmillan English Dictionary’s innovations is that two similar but separate editions have been created from (8) ___ same database: one for learners whose main target variety is (9) ___ American English, (10) ___ other for learners of British English. The differences are small but significant.

The Macmillan English Dictionary is the product of good linguistic data and high-quality people. It has been (11) ___ privilege to work with such (12) ___ talented and creative team, and I would like to thank (13) ___ team for producing such (14) ___ excellent book. I hope you enjoy (15) ___ results of our hard work and find the dictionary (16) ___ pleasure to use.


Functional English WORK SHEET 3.8

Functional English WORK SHEET 3.8
Fill in: The, a, an or __ (leave blank):

1. I have just had __________ great idea.
2. Columbus was one of __________ first people to cross __________ Atlantic.
3. __________ British drink too much tea.
4. __________ Thames flows into __________ North Sea.
5. Judith earns € 2000 __________ month.
6. Dancing is __________ more interesting activity than reading.
7. As __________ captain of __________ ship I have __________ complete authority.
8. __________ people we met on __________ holiday in __________ north of England came from __________ USA.
9. What’s on __________ TV today?
10. He was doing eighty miles __________ hour on __________ motorway.
11. How many hours do you work on __________ average?
12. You are __________ first to reach the top.
13. The people who live in __________ Netherlands are called __________ Dutch.
14. The burglar hit me on __________ back of my neck.
15. __________ Football is his whole life.
16. I try to go for __________ run four times __________ week.
17. Did you read __________ book I gave you?
18. Sally went to __________ prison to visit her husband.
19. This is __________ only cinema in the area.
20. __________ People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw __________ stones.
21. Do you go to __________ church on Sundays?
22. This is __________ man I told you about.
23. This is exactly __________ job I was looking for.
24. __________ Trafalgar Square is near __________ Charing Cross Station.
25. __________ little knowledge is __________ dangerous thing.
26. __________ Philosophers seem to think that life is __________ mystery.
27. I need time to think about __________ offer you made.
28. I can’t play __________ piano but I can play __________ guitar.
29. There was __________ time when I enjoyed __________ skating.
30. The worst part of living in a tent is __________ lack of space.
31. __________ most cars start badly on __________ cold mornings.
32. __________ Prime Minister will give a speech this afternoon.
33. __________ Tower of London is one of __________ main attractions of London.
34. I haven’t been to __________ concert like that before.
35. I was in __________ pain after I twisted my ankle.
36. Of all these cars I prefer __________ Japanese one.
37. Neil Armstrong made __________ first footprint on __________ moon.
38. Where are __________ scissors you borrowed last week?
39. It’s __________ long way by train to __________ south of France.
40. __________ French drink a lot of wine.
41. ______ Teachers are like ______ weather, one minute they’re good, ______ other they’re bad.
42. Jake took out ______ beer opened it and drank ______ cold beer from ______ bottle. ______ beer always tasted better from ______ bottle.
43. She is on ______ diet, so she ordered ______ calorie-free dinner.
44. We’d like to have ______ wedding in ______ early fall, in early October if possible.
45. Emma’s eyes rested on ______ letter. Here was ______ opportunity she had been waiting for.
46. The plane was climbing up through ______ sky.
47. My grandmother was ______ true original. Strong of character, she ruled our family with ______ iron hand.
48. Maxim was at ______ center of her thoughts.
49. Winston Churchill, ______ former Prime Minister of England, went to ______ Harrow.
50. ______ Marmalade is usually made from ______ oranges.
51. I live in ______ apartment, which is brand new.
52. ______ Royals is a serial which portraits ______ life of ______ members of ______ Royal family in ______ United Kingdom.
53. It was ______ cold Saturday morning at ______ beginning of ______ month.
54. It had rained earlier in the day and as Maggie left the house she lifted her eyes towards ______ sky.
55. I arrived I ______ USA last Monday. We left ______ Rome, flew over ______ Alps and made a quick stop in London.
56. Before we landed at ______ JFK airport, we saw ______ Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and ______ Empire State building.
57. ______ Most children like ______ sweets.
58. Jane’s husband got home early from ______ work.
59. Last year we visited ______ St. Paul’s Cathedral and ______ Tower of London.
60. Our friends, ______ Millers, moved to Florida last summer.
61. Our children go to school by ______ bus.
62. She likes ______ Indian tea but she doesn’t like ______ tea that comes from ______ Ceylon.
63. ______ President of the United States is giving a speech tonight.
64. The two countries reached ______ peace after a long, disastrous war.
65. We needed ______ house to live in when we were in London.
66. ______ Elephants are intelligent animals.
67. This is a book on ______ Irish history.
68. She had laughing eyes and ______ most charming mouth.
69. I’ll book ______ sleeper on ______ Geneva-Paris train tomorrow,
70. I’m tired. I think I’ll be going to ______ bed.
71. _____________ modern life is stressful.
72. What’s _____________ capital of your country?
73. _____________ doctor earns more than _____________ teacher.
74. Do you know who invented _____________ computer ?
75. Have you seen _____________ newspaper? I can’t find it anywhere.
76. Is this _____________ first time you’ve stayed at _____________ Hilton ?
77. Is _____________ Nile or _____________ Amazon _____________ longest river on _____________ earth ?
78. Several million visitors _____________ year are attracted to _____________ ski slopes of _____________ Alps.
79. I’ll meet you outside _____________ post office. I’ll be there in _____________ quarter of _____________ hour.
80. _____________ young people tend to think that _____________ life was more difficult in _____________ past.
81. In my opinion _____________ education should be free.
82. _____________ education I got at _____________ school was excellent.
83. In some cities, _____________ cars have been banned from the center.
84. I went to _____________ Buckingham Palace today. It was great.
85. I took _____________ train to London and then _____________ underground to _____________Victoria Station. It’s _____________ short walk from there.
86. Would you like to come with us to see _____________ Titanic at the cinema tomorrow?
87. I had _____________ experience at work today.
88. The car sped past at 100 miles _____________ hour.
89. _____________ Mount Everest is the highest mountain in _____________ world.
90. _____________ Middle East is one of the world’s hot spots.
91. We lived in _____________ Netherlands before moving here.
92. If you ever go to London you must see _____________ Tower of London and _____________ Tate Gallery.
93. We noticed _____________ strong smell coming from _____________ refrigerator.
94. She lives in _____________ England, which is part of _____________ UK.
95. After his wife’s death he left _____________ home and joined _____________ army.
96. He should have called me _____________ hour ago.
97. They visited grandmother in _____________ hospital.
98. _____________ history is an interesting subject, but what I like most is _____________ history of the United States.
99. The Browns often watch _____________ television in the evening.
100. Munich lies in _____________ south of Germany.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Functional English WORK SHEET 3.7

Functional English WORK SHEET 3.7
(A) Correct the following sentences:
1. The New York is a big city. 2. A cow is the useful animal. 3. An honesty is a best policy. 4. The France is a great country. 5. Sun rises in east. 6. I saw him when he was child. 7. Who has not seen tiger? 8. The milk is very nutritious. 9. The man is after all animal. 10. How beautiful stars are! 11. The God has created universe. 12. The gold is precious metal. 13. Kalidasa is Shakespeare of India. 14. This is best book I have ever read. 15. Cat killed rat. 16. Cat is on roof. 17. Mahatma Gandhi was great leader of India. 18. The stone hit me on head. 19. John is smallest boy in the class but Peter is biggest. 20. I would like to buy pair of stockings and couple of shirts. 21. Many flower is born to blush unseen. 22. He is Newton of his age. 23. I admire wisdom of Solomon. 24. Whole class will participate in program. 25. Himalayas protect plains of India from the cold winds of north.
(B) Write the following paragraphs, inserting a, an, and the where needed.

1. I have horse of my own. I call her Pretty Girl. She is intelligent animal, but she is not thoroughbred horse. I could never enter her in race, even if I wanted to. But I do not want to. She is companion, for my own pleasure. I took her swimming day or two ago.
2. Horse knows when he is going to race. How does he know? His breakfast was scanty. (He is angry about that.) He does not have saddle on his back. He is being led, not ridden, to grandstand. He is led under grandstand into unusual, special stall. Horse is nervous. Sometimes he does not know what to do when starting gate flies open and track is before him. If he does not begin to run instantly, other horses are already ahead of him. During race, when he sees another horse just ahead of him, he will try to pass him. Sometimes jockey holds him back to save his energy for last stretch. Eventually horse gets to run as fast as he can. Exercise boy, watching owner's favorite jockey riding horse he has exercised day after day, says nothing. Secretly, he is planning for day when he will be jockey himself, and his horse will be first to cross finish line.
3. Most people have fewer hours to give to time-consuming activities of clubs than they used to have, but most people in small town belong to club or two. One of clubs is likely to be social and benevolent organization, such as Rotary or Elks. Business people are likely to belong, also to either Kiwanis Club or Lions. Such business people's organizations may meet as often as once a week in one of private dining rooms of town's leading hotel for lunch. They have good lunch, hear good program, and continue their fundraising program for worthy organization, such as local hospital.